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We have established a student appreciation team (A-Team) at our school with a mission to transform the culture of our school to one where students recognize and express appreciation to others who do things to make their lives better. Another group of students called the G-Force (G for gratitude) will work to help develop a school-wide attitude of gratitude. We want all students in our school to develop an attitude of gratitude. We believe this will carry over into our homes and our community.


We believe employees who know their work is recognized and appreciated by students and the community will go the extra mile to give their best effort.


We have divided the employees in our school into eight groups and have designated eight appreciation days so that a different group of school employees will be celebrated on each of the days. We invite your (Identify the club, team, other organization) to join us in making one of these days special. Specifically, we would like for (examples: the varsity cheerleaders to greet the buses as they arrive in the morning and do a sample cheer for the drivers; members of the football team to escort each of the cafeteria staff workers through the hall to the special luncheon we will prepare for them; the drummers in the band to form a drum line and play as our custodians walk to the luncheon we have for them; the girls basketball team to assist us in celebrating our principals immediately after one of your games; the student council to make a video for the superintendent to represent our school; etc.)  We will ask eight student groups to each do something that will honor the employees being recognized on their special day. We want the activity done by your group to be as dramatic as possible so that employees will remember it forever.


We are primarily interested in sincere expressions of thanks but you may choose to include a token of appreciation such as a cookie or an apple in the celebration but it is certainly not necessary. Our goal is to make our staff members feel appreciated by all our students and especially by a prestigious group such as yours.


To make the appreciation days more fun for everyone concerned, we have chosen a theme for each day. The theme for this day is (include the theme). If you choose to participate in our program, we encourage you to consider some way to incorporate the theme but that is not necessary. We hope that you will welcome this opportunity to make a difference in our school and community. Please reply to this message as soon as possible to let us know whether or not you are willing to participate.




The A-Team