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Baseball season is upon us and we are excited to get underway. The following is important information relating to conditioning as well as try-outs. We look forward to seeing you soon!


We will have conditioning on the following dates from 3:30 – 5:15:

  • Thursday, 1/11/18 & Friday, 1/12/18
  • Tuesday, 1/16/18 through Friday, 1/19/18
  • Monday, 1/22/18 through Friday, 1/26/18

Conditioning is not mandatory but highly recommended.

Tryouts will be held from 3:30 – 6:00 on Monday, January 29 and possibly Tuesday, January 30. It is possible that try-outs will only take one day but want to plan for the extra day in case it is needed. Typically, regular practice days will be from 3:45 – 5:45 or 6:00 depending on daylight hours.

The following information must be on file before anyone can participate in conditioning, tryouts, or begin practice:

·         A current physical (available from Coach Wells)

·         Completed concussion awareness paperwork (available from Coach Wells)

·         Consent for participation & medical care (available from Coach Wells)

·         Sudden Cardiac Arrest (available from Coach Wells)


** Please make sure that athletes and parents/guardians sign and initial where appropriate. Incomplete or absent forms will prohibit athletes from participation in open gymconditioning or try outs until the forms are corrected and on file with the school.

We plan on having conditioning outside if the weather permits but will be in the gym in case of bad weather. Students should come prepared for either case (e.g. long sleeves, jacket, sweats). Cleats are recommended if we can go outside. Students can only wear tennis shoes on the gym floor. Students will need to bring a glove with them for open gym and try-outs. Bats are optional for try-outs and must meet middle school requirements (-3, which means it must be 3 ounces lighter than the length). Bats must also be BBCOR certified. BBCOR rating is not to exceed 0.50.  Do not purchase bats until the team is finalized.

If for some reason weather forces us inside for conditioning and/or tryouts, and softball plans on using the gym as well, times may need to be adjusted. In that case, I will get information out as soon as I have it.

Please note that any physical received now will only be good through the remainder of the year. It is not for a calendar year!



There is a printable schedule under the files link above.



I am asking that all parents/guardians sign up for the Remind messaging system to enable me to communicate important information in a more timely manner. To do so, text the message @smseagles to phone number 81010. You will receive a confirmation text and you can provide your name at that point so I will know who is receiving my messages.



*** If school is out or dismisses early due to weather, no practice or games will take place.


Directions to the away games can be found under the schedule link above. Click the Directions link for the correct game and they should open in a new window.


*** The tips file is now under the Files link above. It is very important for players to look over this frequently until they know it all! 


We are trying to foster an environment of camaraderie, discipline, dedication, and loyalty. Players need to understand that they have a responsibility to the team. Missing practice affects the continuity we are trying to build and maintain. We understand that there may be circumstances that require a player to miss practice. Missing practice for an unexcused reason is absolutely unacceptable as it negatively affects what we are trying to accomplish.

The following policy is effective immediately: If a starting player misses practice for an unexcused reason, that player will, at the very least, not start the next game. If a reserve player misses practice for an unexcused reason, that player will not play the next game. No exceptions! If a player is at school and will miss practice for ANY reason, the player is to notify Coach Roberts before the end of the school day. If a player is not at school, I would appreciate notification if at all possible so that I can plan for that.


 Please do not put game jerseys in the dryer. The lettering is heat pressed and we don't want them damaged. Please hang them up and let them air dry.


 It would be a good idea for the players to eat a small snack on the way to games. Please make it as nutritious as possible. Too much fat can make players sluggish! Complex carbs are best as they take longer to digest and will provide energy for a longer period of time.


Healthy Snack List for Before/After Games/Practice


Subject:  Good Foods packed with protein and good carbohydrates to fuel your body with energy to get your body through high levels of endurance.


Good Foods


Granola bars/cereal bars- pick those full of protein.  Special K makes really good options.


Bagel, whole wheat or multigrain bread, rice cakes


Sub sandwich- Subway, excellent option for fast food before a game.


Cheese:  string cheese or prepackaged cheese sticks-a good option for packing for games


Crackers: -   Prepackaged cheese.


Fresh Fruit:  Apples, orange slices, strawberries- bananas are awesome, you can pack them easily and they are full of potassium which will help with soreness.


Fast Food options: Grilled Chicken sandwiches or wraps, all fast food restaurants offer fruit cups or apple slices to replace fries.   Salads are always good or baked potato from Wendy’s. 


Yogurt- Greek yogurt is full of protein – great option! 


Raw Veggies:  carrots, tomatoes, celery sticks, cucumber slices- dip in PB or ranch


Sports drinks


Protein bars or shakes- Muscle milk makes a prepackaged shake that is good.


Fruit smoothies- prepackaged.


Trail Mix


Food to avoid prior/after a game or practice


Refined sugar:  Little Debbie cakes, cookies, sour patch gummies, chocolate bars etc.   Coke, Mountain Dew- sure you will feel good but once the sugar has left your body – you will CRASH (become sluggish and sleepy).


Fried/greasy foods:   fries, chips, nachos and cheese, pizza, any fast food. If you have to eat fast food before a game- order a grilled chicken sandwich- no fries- these foods are hard to process and will do nothing but SLOW YOU DOWN and you will move like a turtle.


TIP:  EAT CLEAN!  Apple – Apple sauce - Apple Pie-    Apple is the best and cleaner option of the three. 


Thanks to Mrs. Anderson for providing this practical health plan for our team!