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Science Night Idea Information  

The following components should be included in your science night experiment display:


A. Question 

What are you doing? Why are you doing it?


B. Hypothesis

What do you think will be the results?


C. Materials and Design

List of materials; numbered, detailed steps for procedure


D. Data Tables 

Chart form with raw data and observations; include units


E. Graphs & Analysis of Data 

Graph of calculations; labeled axes; use graph paper and a straight edge or software like WORD or EXCEL


F. Conclusion

1. Restate hypothesis. (What did you think would happen?)

2. Support or reject hypothesis by discussing data. (Talk about the numbers.)

3. Discuss problems controlling variables.

4. Apply findings. (What do findings mean for real world situations?)

5. Propose a new question and hypothesis based on findings.




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Science Night Project Timeline

Due Date

Part of project to be completed

 Tuesday, 11-7-17


Topic Chosen


Topic Chosen

 Friday, 11-10-17



Question to be answered, hypothesis


Identify need

 Friday, 11-17-17


Material list and procedures


Possible solution

 Monday, 11-27-17


Experiment complete with data collected (I must be notified if more time is needed!)


Prototype (I must be notified if more time is needed!)

 Wednesday, 11-29-17


All components complete, including conclusion.


All components complete, including modifications.


I will allow students to work on getting their displays ready during class on Thursday, November 30 and possibly Friday, December 1. Students should have anything that needs to be printed ready by Wednesday, November 29. This includes photographs that need to be printed.


* If anyone cannot afford to get a tri-fold display (assuming one is needed), please let me know before Thanksgiving break so that I can make arrangements.


** I am more than happy to assist your child with their project after school hours. I only ask that you give me advance notice. Please have your child let me know or email me. michael.roberts@hck12.net or use link at top of this page.