Surgoinsville Middle School

Our Mission

Surgoinsville Middle School’s mission is to educate and facilitate the graduation of all students by providing a supportive, creative, and safe learning environment.

Our Vision

The vision of Surgoinsville Middle School is to be a recognized leader in all areas of education. Surgoinsville Middle School will provide a place where learning extends beyond its walls and ensures a better quality of life for all stakeholders.

Our Beliefs

We, the faculty and staff of Surgoinsville Middle School, believe that each student is important and can learn. We believe that every student should be given equal opportunity to excel in all areas of student education. We believe that our students deserve excellence from our faculty and staff. Therefore, we are passionately committed to ensure that each student be afforded an opportunity to receive the quality education needed for life long success in the 21st century. 


  About The School  

Surgoinsville Middle School

The building that now houses Surgoinsville Middle School students was erected in
1969 to serve the students of Surgoinsville High School in grades 9-12. When
Volunteer Comprehensive High School was completed in 1980 it became the new
home for Surgoinsville’s high school students. The building then became Surgoinsville
Middle School which serves students in grades 5-8. Surgoinsville Middle School students
transition from Surgoinsville Elementary School.