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Opening Information

Dear Parents,


Hawkins County Schools will proceed with the following operational and instructional change.

All students, not previously approved for eLearning or the Hawkins County Virtual Academy (HCVA), will return to in-class instruction beginning Monday, January 25. All HCS schools will operate in-class instruction Monday through Thursday, with Fridays reserved for half-day virtual and small, targeted in-class instruction. Please contact your student’s teacher if you have questions regarding whether or not your child will need to attend the targeted instructional blocks on Fridays. Unless data dictates changes at any of our school sites, we will operate with this schedule through the month of February.

All approved Spring 2021 virtual students, eLearners and HCVA students, will continue their instruction online with their assigned teachers.

We will continue to monitor COVID numbers and data relevant to school sites and will make adjustments with individual populations as necessary. We appreciate your support, patience, and input as we have prioritized the instruction and safety of our students. Please continue to adhere to our recommendations for safe return and involvement within our school facilities. We have been blessed to maintain in-person instruction for the majority of the first semester, and with your help, it is our goal to keep all schools open throughout this semester. We look forward to seeing our students in person once again.

Planning for success